Top 5 famous Ghosthunters in the USA

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Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal and documentary reality television series. The original series aired from October 6, 2004, until October 26, 2016, on Syfy. The original program spanned eleven seasons with 230 episodes, not including 10 specials. 


The series was revived in early 2019 and aired its twelfth season of 11 episodes, not including 2 specials, from August 21, 2019 to October 30, 2019, on A&E. A thirteenth season premiered on April 8, 2020.

The program featured Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) team of paranormal investigators to investigate places that are reported to be haunted. The two worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter while moonlighting as paranormal investigators at night.


As of the twelfth season, the revived show features Grant and a new investigatory team that has no discernible connection to TAPS, although the series still maintains the same format and producers and frequently references past episodes.







Alaska Ghost Hunting


Alaska Ghost Hunting (AKGH) is the largest and oldest Ghost Hunting the only team in Alaska and is a member of the TAPS Family. AKGH is not a group of immature amateurs seeking thrills but a team of dedicated, committed, serious-minded paranormal investigators.


Although Ghosts/Spirits are considered "Paranormal" in nature, AKGH specializes only in investigating haunted locations. AKGH does not investigate any other Paranormal Phenomena such as UFO’s, Aliens, or Mythical Creatures.










Anthony Duda


Paranormal Investigation Experience: Ghosts and Hauntings, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs), Cryptozoology. Background/Training: Law Enforcement, Medical, Marketing, Media Communications. I truly dislike talking about myself and have had to do so elsewhere on this site, so let me introduce you to the people who help make everything possible...














Welcome to the Web’s largest and most comprehensive supernatural community! was launched in the autumn of 1999 when writer Jeff Belanger put up the site to host a few articles he had written on the supernatural.


What started as six simple Web pages have exploded to more than 50,000 pages of content with contributions by people from all over the world.


The Web site averages more than three million hits per month as tens of thousands of “Ghostvillagers” visit to read, weigh-in, or learn about this very big subject.














They serve all of Long Island, New York City, and when possible Upstate New York State and surrounding areas including NJ, CT, and PA. 


Their investigators are specialists in EVPs, photography, EMF, Audio Analysis, Residential and Business Investigations, Evidence Capture and Debunking, and Shadows.

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