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      Hi, Dear, we got now added a new menu page where you have a good overview of a small selection of 10 products that we can recommend from Amazon. Further down on the page you will find our partner store "Ghost Stop", where you can also order a whole KIT/whole Sets if you are looking for professional products. These are the following categories: Cameras Camcorder EMF Meter EVP Recorder There's something for every Budget! Kindest regards and stay creepy Liv Direct Link:

    • Halloween oder besser gesagt: “All Hallow’s Eve” 

      Heute ist Halloween - Wusstest du eigentlich woher der Brauch Halloween zu feiern herkommt? Es ist nämlich alles alles andere als bloss ein “heidnischer Brauch”, denn Halloween wurde schon bei den irischen Katholiken praktiziert und gefeiert. “Halloween”  - abgeleitet von “All Hallows’ Eve”, der Abend vor Allerheiligen benennt die Volksbräuche am Abend und in der Nacht vor dem Hochfest Allerheiligen, vom 31. Oktober auf den 1. November. Dieser Brauchtum war ursprünglich vor allem im katholischen Irland weit verbreitet. Die irischen Einwanderer in den USA pflegten ihre Bräuche in Erinnerung an die Heimat und bauten sie aus. Der Bezug von Halloween ergibt sich aus dem der Feier des Hochfestes Allerheiligen folgenden Gedächtnis Allerseelen, an dem die Katholiken ihrer Verstorbenen und aller Armen Seelen im Fegefeuer durch Gebet und Ablässe gedenken. Die Einführung des Allerseelentages am 2. November geht auf Abt Odilo von Cluny im Jahre 998 zurück. Übrigens; Die Encyclopædia Britannica leitet das Fest aus alten keltischen Bräuchen her. Gefeiert wurde zu Halloween demnach auch das Sommerende, der Einzug des Viehs in die Ställe. In dieser Zeit, so glaubte man, seien auch die Seelen der Toten zu ihren Heimen zurückgekehrt. Begangen wurde das Fest laut der Encyclopædia Britannica mit Freudenfeuern auf Hügeln (engl. Bonfires, wörtlich Knochenfeuer; ursprünglich mit Bezugnahme auf das Verbrennen von Knochen des Schlachtviehs) und manchmal Verkleidungen, die der Vertreibung böser Geister dienten. Auch Wahrsagerei sei zu diesem Datum üblich gewesen. Meist wird bis heute leider noch von vielen Unwissenden behauptet, Halloween wäre etwas “böses und teuflisches” - Aber anstatt sich mal mit dem Thema ernsthaft auseinander zu setzen, behauptet man lieber weiterhin solch einen Blödsinn und das vorallem von was wohl? Von Katholiken - Was für eine Ironie, Leute! Danke für’s lesen! Geschrieben  von Liv Strub Quelle: Wikipedia

    • Halloween, or better said: "All Hallow's Eve" 

      Today is Halloween - Did you know where the custom of celebrating Halloween comes from? It is anything but just a "pagan custom" because Halloween was already practiced and celebrated by the Irish Catholics. The reference to Halloween is derived from the All Souls' Day commemoration following the celebration of the All Saints' Day when Catholics commemorate their deceased and all the poor souls in purgatory through prayer and indulgences. "Halloween" - derived from "All Hallows' Eve", the night before All Saints' Day, refers to the folk customs on the evening and on the night before All Saints' Day, from October 31 to November 1. This custom was originally widespread especially in Catholic Ireland. The Irish immigrants in the USA cultivated and developed their customs in memory of their homeland. The reference to Halloween is derived from the All Souls' Day commemoration following the celebration of the All Saints' Day, when Catholics commemorate their deceased and all the poor souls in purgatory through prayer and indulgences. The introduction of All Souls' Day on November 2 dates back to Abbot Odilo of Cluny in 998. By the way; The Encyclopædia Britannica derives the festival from old Celtic customs. According to this, Halloween was also celebrated at the end of the summer, when the cattle moved into the stables. During this time, it was believed that the souls of the dead also returned to their homes. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, the feast was celebrated with bonfires on hills, originally with reference to the burning of slaughter cattle bones, and sometimes with disguises to drive away evil spirits. Divination was also common on this date. Unfortunately, many ignorant people still claim that Halloween is something "evil and devilish" - but instead of seriously dealing with this topic, people prefer to continue to claim such nonsense and especially what of? Of Catholics - What irony, folks! Thanks for reading! Liv Source: Wikipedia

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    • Ghost hunting, Cameras, EVP Recorder and more

      our favorite YouTube channels Welcome to our official Website! our favorite YouTube channels About Us Hi Dear, My name is Liv and I have created this website for my life partner and all paranormal investigators, as well as for our followers who are as fascinated by the paranormal as we are. My fascination for the paranormal was already apparent in my childhood, but ghosts have always interested me the most and therefore i wanted to finally fulfill my long-cherished wish to create a website about this topic! I know quite well about the world of the supernatural - I bought my first book about PSI phenomena at the age of 12 with my collected pocket money. I have read and looked at a lot and also tried out some things myself, such as commuting, tarot cards, back of glasses, ouija board, meditation, simply everything that was current in my teenage years in the spiritual realm. Sometimes something happened (that I was really afraid of) but sometimes nothing happened at all. If you want to know more about me, just write to me! ​ First and foremost, we advertise with this site for various customers and companies by presenting their products here in the form of blog posts, links, banners, newsletters, and email campaigns, on our website and various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. But what makes us different from many other publishers is that our fascination for the supernatural is also reflected on this website and that we are not just an affiliate site to make money fast - like most affiliates, but also to provide the site with new videos, information about ghost hunters, top 5 categories - of course for free! Have a look around, and if you like the site, we would be very happy about a newsletter subscription! Kindest regards and stay healthy! ​ Liv NEWS If you are interested that we recommend you and promote you or you want to promote your (own!) creepypastas on our website ( all for free! ) t hen please fill out the following form, we will contact you if we think you might be a good fit for us. Please keep in mind that we take a little bit of time in the selection process - we are looking for the best. Best regards Liv & Jerry ​ Click here to subscribe Get Our Weekly Updates! I agree to the general terms and conditions. Read the general terms and condition I agree to the Privacy Policy Read the Privacy Policy Submit Thank you very much! Contact Us Do you have questions or a request? Fill out the following contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. I agree to the general terms and conditions Read the general terms and conditions I would like to subscribe to the Weekly Updates Read the general terms and conditions Submit Thank you very much!

    • Our favorites YouTube channels | All about Ghost hunting

      our favorite YouTube channels Our own very first Video Our favorites YouTube Channels Creepy YouTube Videos Sign in Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... All Categories All Categories Creepy Education Entertainment Ghosts Horror Now Playing 5 REALLY Scary Ghost Videos - I WARNED You... 11:14 Play Video Now Playing Die gruseligste deutsche Legende! Der Rattenfänger von Hameln! 10:34 Play Video Now Playing "Tell Them All" Creepypasta 🎃 OTIS JIRY (Scary Horror Stories Audiobook) 15:22 Play Video Now Playing Scary Videos That’ll Sort You Right Out 12:49 Play Video Prev Next

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      our favorite YouTube channels Our Ads Partners

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