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About Us


Hi Dear, 


My name is Liv and I have created this website for my life partner and all paranormal investigators, as well as for our followers who are as fascinated by the paranormal as we are.


My fascination for the paranormal was already apparent in my childhood, but ghosts have always interested me the most and therefore i wanted to finally fulfill my long-cherished wish to create a website about this topic!


I know quite well about the world of the supernatural - I bought my first book about PSI phenomena at the age of 12 with my collected pocket money.


I have read and looked at a lot and also tried out some things myself, such as commuting, tarot cards, back of glasses, ouija board, meditation, simply everything that was current in my teenage years in the spiritual realm.


Sometimes something happened (that I was really afraid of) but sometimes nothing happened at all. 

If you want to know more about me, just write to me!


First and foremost, we advertise with this site for various customers and companies by presenting their products here in the form of blog posts, links, banners, newsletters, and email campaigns, on our website and various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. 


But what makes us different from many other publishers is that our fascination for the supernatural is also reflected on this website and that we are not just an affiliate site to make money fast - like most affiliates, but also to provide the site with new videos, information about ghost hunters, top 5 categories - of course for free!  


Have a look around, and if you like the site, we would be very happy about a newsletter subscription!




Kindest regards and stay healthy!






If you are interested that we recommend you and promote you or you want to promote your (own!) creepypastas on our website (all for free!)

then please fill out the following form, we will contact you if we think you might be a good fit for us.  



Please keep in mind that we take a little bit of time in the selection process - we are looking for the best.



Best regards


Liv & Jerry

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